Weekend fare is the price for transporting one person within a family on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The condition for using weekend tickets is a joint journey of at least two family members, of which at least one person is an adult and at least one child under 15 years of age is traveling with them. Each member of the family pays 1 euro for the trip, regardless of the length of the route, the method of payment of the fare or entitlement to other discounts. The weekend fare is advantageous especially for journeys over 11 kilometers.

If, for example, a four-member family consisting of two parents and two children travel together, they will pay only 4 euros for the trip from Košice to Bardejov spa. Without the discount, in this case they would pay 15,40 euros, so they save more than 11 euros. Another example is the road from Svidník to Prešov and back. All members of a family of four would pay a total of 25,20 euros, and in the case of weekend travel, they would save 21,20 euros.