Central dispatching centre is one of the basic pillars of any functional integrated transport system. It is superior to the dispatching of individual carriers involved in the IDS, while ensuring the coordination of traffic operations in real time. Among other things, it is necessary for the introduction of the so-called guaranteed transfer connections between pairs of connections, i.e. a system of mutual waiting for subsequent connections in case of delays.

Central dispatching centre is also a key tool for improving timetables based on real-time monitoring of traffic operations of all carriers (all vehicles), or timely informing of drivers and passengers about traffic abnormalities (lockouts, delays, detours, alternative connections, etc.).

The IDS information system represents a technical condition for the information integration of public transport. It is closely connected with central dispatching centre, while its main function is the continuous and reliable provision of static and dynamic traffic data in real time, which are necessary for the proper functioning of equipment and software applications, such as e.g. information boards, alarms, connection search engines, or mobile applications.

The goal is uniform and clear provision of information for the traveling public. These are regular departures, current delays, locations of connections on the map, important warnings or emergencies in traffic, namely at stations/stops, in public transport vehicles, and in virtual space.

The first stage of the IDS Východ dispatch and information system was launched in January 2024 and in includes the contractual bus carriers of the Košice self-governing region – eurobus and ARRIVA Michalovce. In the second stage, in the course of 2024, other bus carriers within the IDS Východ will be included in the system, following the gradual end of the process of public procurement of suburban bus transport services in the Prešov self-governing region.

Evaluation of fulfillment of quality standards by carriers and processing of documents to ensure guaranteed transfers between ARRIVA Michalovce and Eurobus bus lines are currently underway within the IDS Východ dispatching and information system. Work is also underway on the creation of a search engine for transport connections, which communicates with the internal API for sharing with other users, as well as the creation of documents for the evaluation of transport performance and the involvement of new carriers in IDS Východ.