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By introducing the zone tariff, passengers will be provided with the option of purchasing a single transfer ticket. This ticket type will be valid for two connections (one transfer), while its price will be more advantageous in comparison with a situation of purchasing tickets for each connection separately.

Let us consider, for example, the journey from Bardejov to Košice with transfer in Prešov. The passenger will buy the ticket for entire journey to Košice already in Bardejov (on the bus connection Bardejov – Prešov) and while transferring in Prešov he/she will prove the valid ticket at the time of boarding the vehicle (without need to purchase another ticket). This option will represent lower fare compared to purchasing the tickets separately, i.e. first for connection Bardejov – Prešov and subsequently connection Prešov – Košice.

When boarding the bus, it will be important for the passenger to report a driver his/her destination stop or municipality for his/her first transport connection (e.g. „Prešov“) as well as the destination stop/municipality for the second transport connection (e.g. „Košice“). The example of such report is „to Prešov with a continuation to Košice“.

The use of single transfer tickets will be conditional on payment with a transport card (physical or virtual). After introducing the Mobile application IDS Východ in the future, the purchase of single transfer tickets will be possible also through this mobile application.

The time validity is important in the case of single transfer tickets. The time validity is determined by a multiple of the number of purchased zones and 30 minutes. In the case of a 5-zone transfer ticket, for example, the entire journey to the destination stop including transfer must be completed within 150 minutes (5 zones multiplied by 30 minutes). In terms of assessing the time validity of tickets, the travel time from the boarding to alighting stop, which is stated in the stop timetable of a particular line is binding.

The ticket will have a zone and time validity. Zone validity of the ticket will be given by the list of zones that are purchased and recorded on the ticket. The time validity of the ticket will be determined by a multiple of the number of purchased zones and 30 minutes (e.g. a 10-zone ticket for transport connection Bardejov – Košice will have the time validity of 10 x 30 minutes = 300 minutes, i.e. exactly 5 hours from the moment of issuing the ticket). It will be necessary to monitor the time validity of tickets only in the case of abnormally long transfers.

The fare will be applied in suburban regular bus transport operated by the following carriers: ARRIVA Michalovce, BUS Karpaty, eurobus, SAD Humenné, SAD Poprad, and SAD Prešov. Detailed information will be available in the Tariff of IDS Východ.