Integrated transport system IDS Východ

The target state of the integrated transport system (ITS) in eastern Slovakia is a modern customer-attractive public transport system, consisting of all types of public transport (trains, buses, urban public transport), covering the entire territory of Prešov self-governing region and Košice self-governing region and enabling travel on one travel document (a single or prepaid ticket) regardless of transfers or transport models used, under uniform transport and tariff conditions and mutually harmonized timetables. The name / brand of this system is IDS Východ.

From the perspective of passengers, the benefits resulting from the gradual building of ITS will be in particular:

  • Uniform transport and tariff conditions applied for travelling by trains, buses, and urban public transport.
  • New types of fares: transfer tickets, prepaid tickets (monthly, quarterly,…), etc.
  • Technological news: mobile application, NFC payments, etc.
  • More regular, faster and more comfortable connections within the region and within cities.
  • Harmonized system of public transport (regular guaranteed connections / lines).
  • Simple and clear transport system (route diagrams, clock-face timetables,…).
  • Timely information on transport disruptions (delays, detours,…).
  • In general, higher quality of transport services provided.

From the perspective of carriers and competent authorities ensuring public transport services, the benefits will be in particular:

  • Growing demand for transport (more passengers).
  • Higher efficiency of vehicles’ circulations (operation).
  • Stabilization of transport performance.

The IDS Východ logo consists of the following elements and characteristics:

  • Route symbol – standardly used in the symbolism of various ITS in the world.
  • The symbol of a so-called “map pin icon” – a modern element usable also as a separate graphic character.
  • Right arrow – symbolizing the East.
  • Up arrow – symbolizing the positive direction and continuous improvement of the quality of the transport system.
  • Heraldic red and heraldic blue – colours used in the coats of arms of the Prešov self-governing region and Košice self-governing region. At the same time, it is a historical context: In the past, red and blue colour were often associated with public transport (ČSAD logo, colour design of buses, railway wagons, urban public transport, or workers’ uniforms).
  • The slogan “transport without borders” – symbolizing the leitmotif of IDS Východ: blurring of borders between self-governing regions as well as individual types and subsystems of public transport, or borders in relation to the interconnection of various cities in eastern Slovakia.
  • Minimalist character – corresponding to the standards and rules of modern visual communication.

IDS Východ, s.r.o. – the organizer of Integrated transport system IDS Východ

The integrated transport system represents the most effective form of coordination of public transport, at which the competencies necessary for the integration of public transport in a given region are transferred by the competent authorities (self-governing regions, municipalities or the state) to the so-called independent ITS organizer. The term of integration means transport, tariff, and information integration. For the purposes of the creation and organization of the integrated transport system in the territory of eastern Slovakia under the brand of IDS Východ, the organizer of ITS – IDS Východ, s.r.o.  – was founded by Košice self-governing region and Prešov self-governing region on 8th October 2019 (with equal equity participation).

The main tasks of the ITS organizer – IDS Východ, s.r.o. – include, in particular:

  • Coordination of transport service, particularly timetables.
  • Preparation for tariff integration of suburban bus transport, railway transport and urban public transport within the region of eastern Slovakia (creation of a common tariff).
  • Negotiations with the cities operating urban public transport on the issue of ITS, transfer points, or public transport preference.
  • Negotiations with municipalities on comments on transport solutions, suggestions for changes in transport solutions and changes to timetables.
  • Processing, issuing and continuously updating the ITS transport regulations.
  • Improving transfer point relations within the public transport system.
  • Information services for passengers and carriers.
  • Information, marketing and promotional activities in connection with ITS.

System organizer IDS Východ, s.r.o.: Traffic modeling

In Prešov, a specialized workplace of IDS Východ was established for analytical activities and traffic modeling. In it, experts on integrated transport focus mainly on working with the transport model of eastern Slovakia, which makes it possible to determine in advance the results of the proposed transport solutions. It can also forecast the development of traffic and traffic behaviour of residents, or objectively assess the effectiveness of measures to improve the quality of public transport.

Thanks to the transport model, it is possible to track the total time a passenger spends in transport, evaluate the attractiveness of timetables and simulate increases or decreases in passengers. Experts are able to model the impact of planned traffic constructions and infrastructure measures, such as dedicated bus lanes or the preference of public transport vehicles at intersections. The outputs of traffic modeling can help many cities in eastern Slovakia in approving and implementing measures to support public transport and gradually increase its attractiveness.