Basic single tickets will be valid for one journey in one direction. They will have a character of transfer or non-transfer tickets while transfer tickets will be able to be paid for only with a transport card (physical or virtual).

The passengers buying single tickets will not have to have knowledge on tariff zones. The fare will be calculated automatically by an on-board computer based on the number of tariff zones on the route as well as based on the method of payment, while the most cost-effective way for passengers will be the payment with a transport card (physical or virtual).

Basic fare represents a full fare (ordinary ticket).

In the case of passengers who will further continue to buy single non-transfer tickets from the driver, there will be no difference compared to the present from the point of view of purchase. After boarding the vehicle, the passenger will notify the driver of his/her destination stop and subsequently the driver will issue the ticket.

The use of a transport card (physical or virtual) is recommended to purchase the fare. This payment method will represent the most cost-effective way of purchase while the transport card, unlike the other methods of payment, will enable purchasing also transfer tickets for two connections, that is another price advantage as well as simplification of travelling because the passenger will not have to buy the separate ticket for the next connection – he/she will prove the valid transfer ticket by placing the transport card or mobile phone on the card reader at the time of boarding the vehicle.

Single tickets will have a zone and time validity. The zone validity of the ticket will be given by the list of zones that are purchased and indicated on the ticket. The time validity of the ticket will be determined by a multiple of the number of purchased zones and 30 minutes (e.g. a 5-zone ticket for transport connection Košice – Prešov will have the time validity of 5 x 30 minutes = 150 minutes, i.e. exactly 2 and a half hours from the moment of issuing the ticket). It will be necessary to monitor the time validity of tickets only in the case of abnormally long transfers.

The fare will be applied in suburban regular bus transport operated by the following carriers: ARRIVA Michalovce, BUS Karpaty, eurobus, SAD Humenné, SAD Poprad, and SAD Prešov. Detailed information will be available in the Tariff of IDS Východ.